Saturday, April 07, 2007

The 15th Gongshow: We won!!!

Don't get me wrong. We actually won! We won the prize for the worst performance. The prize is a Hawaii doll--the Fula girl:

Jeff won the prize for the best performance by dancing the choo choo and cha cha.

What is Gongshow?
Masano and I did not know exactly what was the Gongshow. When Andy gave us the invitation card. The invitation said it clearly that anyone who come must act. That was scary and weird for students likes us from Asian culture. Anyway, the Gongshow is a party that everyone act and compete for the prize. But if the act really sucks, the judge get to gong the gong to expel the performer.

We arrived early and learnt that only the best and the worst get the prize. Well, we think we would have the worst performance and won the prize easily, as long as we are not gonged off. And we did win the prize with total of 9 points from 3 judges. Actually, there was one group that got negative infinity. Our title of the act is: BIG MOUTH FISH!

The winner for the best got iced cold cash. Yes, cash in an iced cold water! But the winner for the worst got an Hawaii doll. I did not expect that. And the worst part is, we get to bring the doll back to the next Gongshow.

We decide that the doll will be in office of Andy's postdocs. Just to remind them, this is now a tradition. As Andy's students, we get to win this prize every year.

Anyway, it was fun and the food was good. We had a good time and the doll is SCARY!!


Masanao said...

We have a whole year to prepare the next year's skit. "The Return of the Big Mouth Fish"!

Yu-Sung Su said...

The Return of the Big Mouth Fish?! It sounds very familiar!

Oh I see. The Lord of the Ring! The Return of the King!

I believe we can keep fula if that is our next year's skit!

So the third year? "The Order of the Big Mouth Fish"?!!

Masanao said...

No No No!
It's Star Wars.
"Return of the Jedi"
So the next one will be
"The Shark Strikes Back"
"The Empire Strikes Back"
the last one will be
"A New Tope"
Tope: small gray European shark
Then we go back in time, etc, etc.
We can pull this act for at least 6 more years!

I tried putting a battery in the fula doll to make it work, but it seems to be broken..

Yu-Sung Su said...

You just put the batteries in. One day some time, she will move. Or you don't put the batteries in, she will move too.


Whitty said...

This is Yu-Sung's favorite puppy dog--Whitty. I bet you guys never heard about me from Yu-Sung.

I used to stayed in NYC with him. He never played with me,and all he did was put me on a book shelf in his room and ignore my feelings. So when I saw the picture of that poor doll standing on another shelf, it just reminds me of those miserable days. Just tell everyone a secret. There is another puppy dog staying with Yu-Sung, which is my twin sister baby cinnamon. Yu-Sung just keeps hiding her from everyone. Fortunately I am living with my sister in Taiwn , and I hope baby cinnamon can get more attentions!

PS: I can't BELIEVE that you don't post any of MY PICTURES here in this blog. How dare you! And don't you dare to delete this comment!