Monday, November 30, 2009

An OpenSSH software for Windows 7 / Vista

Here is an OpenSSH software I personally found useful and working well under Windows 7 / Vista.  It is copSSH.

Besides it is free and open source, it is still actively maintained.  It works well with the UAC (user account control setting) of Windows 7 / Vista.  And it does not clash with Rtools.exe.


Tarun Arora said...

Hi, I have found your info about filehash package very useful, but there is one thing that I have been trying and have not been able to do and that is how to directly load to a database a very large object that is created within R. for example

x <- rnorm(10000)

y <- outer(x, x, "-")

here the object 'y' stores the pairwise differences of each element of x and is a matrix of size 10000 X 10000.

Is there a way to create y directly as a databse using filehash?

Aleena said...

1099 Software