Tuesday, July 24, 2007

ICPSR 2007--Blue Berry Farm

The second week of ICPSR, students already got exhausted with homework assignments. But they are indeed hard working folks. So I went around the Perry building and talked to the students of Bayesian class.

"Enjoy your life!"
"Go Canoeing!"

I believe in that exact moment, people might think that I am really annoying and inconsiderate. However, I hope they all think differently when they look back to this wonderful summer, they did not miss anything.

So here I presented the theme of the year -- the Blue Berry farm.

Here I have to thank to Jerry Zhao for kindly took me to the farm. This became my first experience to a blue berry farm.

To be fair, this year in Ann arbor, the weather continued to be great. Summer was beautiful. The temperature was always around 80 degrees. The only problem of a cool summer was the blue berry did not have enough sunlight to make it ripe. There were only few "BLUE" berries in the farm that days. We worked so hard but could only gathered small amount of berries.

I am not a fan of blue berry. So I am OK with not so many ripe blue berries in the farm.

I enjoyed my life in Ann Arbor differently by exploring a blue berry farm.



Yu-Sung 你好:

我是趙君朔 去年一起和鐵志學長吃過飯

在那家小波蘭餐館 因為我目前在寫的文章

可能會用到 外援的資料 不知道方不方便

向你索取 你已經發表的文章 或是你願意告訴

我 那個資料庫有最齊全的資料 非常謝謝

另外 看了你寫的文章 對於你在方法上面的

精湛功力 實在讓我這個電腦白吃非常汗顏

希望之後能夠和你多多請教問題 祝 暑假愉快



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