Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Benjamin!

I had a great talk with Benjamin before. Today is my new Italian susage day of the week. As ususal, I stood in front of the footstand and gave Benjamin a sign. He got my order. I noticed that he had new menus stamped on his foodstand. It meant another thing I like to eat has to raise its price. However, I learned that his name is Benjamin as it was printed on his new menu poster.

His business was ``fast" today, so he talked to me again.

We started our conversation with how cold today it was. But I was stunned when I heard that he was actually a musician!

``I am a musician. When I finish the job here, I play in resturants!"

He is a drum sticker and a singer. And he graduated from a music school.

I was so amazed by how he joyful his life is. He told me sometimes he goes home after his 2nd jobs at around 2 or 3 in the morning. He feels not like to work in the next morning, though; his wife will push him out. So this is why sometimes I saw helpers in the foodstand instead of him. He had to stay in his van to take a nap.

``Sometimes, I am so tired. I sleep in the car before I go home."

This explains another puzzle I wonder for 7 years: why on earth is the foodstand still here at 7pm? Benjamin was taking a nap!!

Throughout the course of our conversation, he always had a big smile. I was so affected by him.
I don't have good mood these days. However, I learned that a guy like Benjamin enjoys his life so well. Tired and yet still happy.

I shall be the audience somedays to see this old friend on stage.

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