Monday, October 26, 2009

Our office becomes a Service Counter?

This semester, I moved down to the office in the 9th floor. I shared the office with Matt. We like to open the office door so that the air circulation is better. But our office seems to be the only one on the 9th floor that remains open most of the time. If you wonder why others don't open the door, here is the reason: people walk in and ask you questions unrelated to your expertise. Here are some questions that have been asked frequently:

1. Where is the restroom? (Come on! Our office is right next to the restroom.)
2. Can I borrow your staple? (Well, we haven't seen our staple for a long time, and yet, they found one in our office)
3. Where is the room for the Stats Seminar? (Hum, if you see me sitting in my office, the chance that I know where the seminar is is very low. But ok, I guess it is always room 903).
4. Can I submit the homework here? (Okay, I guess you did not know who your TA is)

Today, there is a new one which I think can be ranked the most hilarious one.

"Do you know where can I get some free A4 papers?"

I am very nice. So I always respond to those who walk in with questions. So I redirect the student who needed A4 paper to the library.


Carrie said...

不得不佩服美國人..對於陌生人,甚麼問題都問的出來呢! very interesting!

Tian said...

I think the homework question was not for TA but for Room 904, the homework box room. :D